get off

  1. (intr, adverb) to escape the consequences of an action: he got off very lightly in the accident

  2. (adverb) to be or cause to be acquitted: a good lawyer got him off

  1. (adverb) to depart or cause to depart: to get the children off to school

  2. (intr) to descend (from a bus, train, etc); dismount: she got off at the terminus

  3. to move or cause to move to a distance (from): get off the field

  4. (tr, adverb) to remove; take off: get your coat off

  5. (adverb) to go or send to sleep

  6. (adverb) to send (letters) or (of letters) to be sent

  7. (intr, adverb) slang to become high on or as on heroin or some other drug

  8. get off with British informal to establish an amorous or sexual relationship with

  9. tell someone where to get off informal to rebuke or criticize someone harshly

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get off

Dismount, leave a vehicle, as in She got off the horse right away, or Let's get off the train at the next stop. [Late 1600s]

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