get over

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to cross or surmount (something)the children got over the fence
(intr, preposition) to recover from (an illness, shock, etc)
(intr, preposition) to overcome or master (a problem)you'll soon get over your shyness
(intr, preposition) to appreciate fullyI just can't get over seeing you again
(tr, adverb) to communicate effectivelyhe had difficulty getting the message over
(tr, adverb sometimes foll by with) to bring (something necessary but unpleasant) to an endlet's get this job over with quickly
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How to use get over in a sentence

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get over


Overcome, surmount, as in We have finally gotten over our biases. “Late 1600s”


Recover from, as in I just got over the flu, or I hope the children get over their parents' divorce quickly. [c. 1700] This usage sometimes appears as get over it, as on a bumper sticker following the 1992 presidential election: “Bush Lost, Get Over It.”


Also, get over with. Complete, have done with, especially something unpleasant. For example, When I finally got the proofreading over, I was ready for a day off, or I'm glad to get all that dental work over with. It also is put as get it over with, as in I might as well sign the check and get it over with. The first usage dates from the late 1800s, the second from the early 1800s.

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