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get over


  1. to cross or surmount (something)

    the children got over the fence

  2. intr, preposition to recover from (an illness, shock, etc)
  3. intr, preposition to overcome or master (a problem)

    you'll soon get over your shyness

  4. intr, preposition to appreciate fully

    I just can't get over seeing you again

  5. tr, adverb to communicate effectively

    he had difficulty getting the message over

  6. tr, adverbsometimes foll bywith to bring (something necessary but unpleasant) to an end

    let's get this job over with quickly

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Example Sentences

Well, I thought I'd get my never-get-over, waiting for those men to get a rig ready for me.

If one of us had done such a thing as that when the water was so cold we would have got our never-get-over, declared Jess.


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