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get to

  1. Arrive at, reach, as in When we get to the store we'll talk to the manager .

  2. Influence or affect, especially adversely, as in This loud music really gets to me , or Mother's crying always gets to him . [ Colloquial ; 1960s] Also see get under someone's skin .

  3. Bribe someone, as in We're sure the dealer got to one of the narcotics agents . [ Slang ; 1920s]

  4. Begin doing something or start to deal with something. For example, We got to reminiscing about college days , or Let's get to this business right now . [Mid-1800s]

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Example Sentences

It is those odd, hard-to-get-to vantages that, to me, offer the most beautiful perspectives of this very special place.

They-see- that-they-are near-and-nearing-the-place-where-the-blacks are-almost- dying-to-get-to.

You-will-know- more-about-this-when you-get-to-be-a-married-woman-like-I-am,-huh, huh.


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