or get-up

[ get-uhp ]
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  1. costume; outfit: Everyone will stare at you if you wear that getup.

  2. arrangement or format; style: the getup of a new cookbook.

Origin of getup

First recorded in 1825–35; noun use of verb phrase get up

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get up

verb(mainly adverb)
  1. to wake and rise from one's bed or cause to wake and rise from bed

  2. (intr) to rise to one's feet; stand up

  1. (also preposition) to ascend or cause to ascend: the old van couldn't get up the hill

  2. to mount or help to mount (a bicycle, horse, etc)

  3. to increase or cause to increase in strength: the wind got up at noon

  4. (tr) informal to dress (oneself) in a particular way, esp showily or elaborately

  5. (tr) informal to devise or create: to get up an entertainment for Christmas

  6. (tr) informal to study or improve one's knowledge of: I must get up my history

  7. (intr foll by to) informal to be involved in: he's always getting up to mischief

  8. (intr) Australian informal to win, esp in a sporting event

  1. informal a costume or outfit, esp one that is striking or bizarre

  2. informal the arrangement or production of a book, etc

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Arise from bed; also, sit or stand up. For example, Once I get up and have coffee, I'm ready to work. One of Irving Berlin's earliest hit songs was “Oh! How I hate to Get Up in the Morning” (1918). [Mid-1300s]

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