ghost kitchen

[ gohst-kich-uhn ]

  1. a commercial facility that prepares and cooks restaurant-style food for delivery directly to customers or to one or more dine-in restaurants: Your order may have been cooked in a low-grade, or even totally unregulated, ghost kitchen.

Origin of ghost kitchen

First recorded in 2015–20
  • Also called cloud kitch·en [kloud-kich-uhn], /ˈklaʊd ˌkɪtʃ ən/, dark kitch·en [dahrk-kich-uhn], /ˈdɑrk ˌkɪtʃ ən/, shad·ow kitch·en [shad-oh kich-uhn], /ˈʃæd oʊ ˌkɪtʃ ən/, vir·tu·al kitch·en [vur-choo-uhl kich-uhn], /ˈvɜr tʃu əl ˌkɪtʃ ən/, .

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