[ goh-sting ]
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  1. the appearance of multiple copies or blurred representations of an object on a screen or in an image.

  2. Informal.

    • the practice of suddenly ending all contact with a person without explanation, often in a dating or romantic relationship:After several unanswered calls and texts to her, he concluded he’d been a victim of ghosting.

    • Also called French leave, I·rish good·bye [ahy-rish good-bahy] /ˈaɪ rɪʃ ˌgʊdˈbaɪ/ . the act of leaving a social event or engagement suddenly and without saying goodbye:Ghosting might be the best option if we want to get home before midnight.

    • the act or practice of abandoning a job without notice and refusing further contact: A labor shortage has contributed to ghosting in the workplace.

  1. Digital Technology. the removal of comments, threads, or other content from a website or online forum without informing the poster, keeping them hidden from the public but still visible to the poster.

  2. the act of adopting the identity of a dead person, especially someone relatively unknown, before the death has been recognized by the government, banks, etc.: Sometimes ghosting can go on for months before the crime is detected.

Origin of ghosting

First recorded in 1955–60; ghost + -ing1

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How to use ghosting in a sentence

  • Unlike most government officials, he wrote well, even when ghosting.

    An American in Full | Jonathan Alter | December 14, 2010 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • There was no second thought in her mind when she first declined the ghosting, and afterwards undertook the part.

    Orley Farm | Anthony Trollope
  • I couldn't be crazy about a melodious breath of air ghosting around the back yard.

    Sunny Slopes | Ethel Hueston