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[ gohsts ]


  1. a play (1881) by Henrik Ibsen.

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Example Sentences

For more than a century, Americans have been fretting about these sorts of ghosts.

“I don't read it anymore … not at all …,” he said, speaking as much to himself and his private ghosts as to me.

There are ghosts that may flutter above the stage at the Met.

In order to get the ghosts to glow, we had to do what was called a double burn.

By 2010, Hunter was directing a well received revival of Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts at Access Theatre on Broadway.

The old show rooms were left to the mice and ghosts, but the more modern suites were all to be occupied.

The air was hot and still so that blobs of pipe smoke clung like earth-bound ghosts about him.

Yes, dark cellars seem to be a favourite abode of these common ghosts.

It appears to be the opinion of the advocates of apparitions that naughty ghosts have cold hands.

They each told their story (these, you will observe were talking ghosts as well as stalking ghosts).





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