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or ghost writ·er

[ gohst-rahy-ter ]


  1. a person who writes one or numerous speeches, books, articles, etc., for another person who is named as or presumed to be the author.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ghostwriter1

An Americanism dating back to 1895–1900

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Example Sentences

Ghostwriter, a hacking group linked to Russia and Belarus, has been seen targeting Ukrainian politicians and military personnel—but the group has so far failed to achieve any meaningful success.

In an announcement early Monday morning, security officials at Meta, Facebook’s parent company, said they’ve “seen increased targeting” of Ukrainian social media users by a hacking group that researchers refer to as “Ghostwriter.”

The group, known to security researchers as Ghostwriter, has been linked to Russia.

From Axios

Hummel worked as a Wonder Woman ghostwriter for the next three years, long before any woman was publicly credited as a writer for the series.

The ghostwriter, or the named writer whose contribution is never really spelled out or fully credited, might be the most exploited of all the talent in the publishing process.

From Eater

Last time I saw Johnny, he was picking a ghostwriter for his book.

Literary blogger Harriet Post takes notice, and immediately attempts to track down his clearly very talented ghostwriter.

He's widely believed to have been the ghostwriter of the Balfour Declaration.

She is a former ghostwriter who has worked on the memoirs of several high-profile politicians and journalists.

Blair shunned the services of a ghostwriter, and penned the book himself in between various political and business engagements.