[ jah-kuh-met-ee; Italian jah-kaw-met-tee ]

  1. Al·ber·to [al-bair-toh; Italian ahl-ber-taw], /ælˈbɛər toʊ; Italian ɑlˈbɛr tɔ/, 1901–66, Swiss sculptor and painter.

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  • The tortured nature of Giacometti’s quest for excellence, as captured in a new traveling exhibit of his post-war work, may prompt visitors to feel an unexpected sense of kinship with one of the most renowned artists of the 20th century.

    The Memo: Perils of perfectionism | Anne Quito | June 22, 2022 | Quartz
  • In Giacometti’s struggles with sculpture, there may lie answers about how to get past perfectionism and arrive at the conclusion of any given work, thereby creating the space to make something new.

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/ (Italian dʒakoˈmetti) /

  1. Alberto (alˈbɛrto). 1901–66, Swiss sculptor and painter, noted particularly for his long skeletal statues of isolated figures

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