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[ jib-er-ish, gib- ]


  1. meaningless or unintelligible talk or writing.

    Synonyms: foolishness, gobbledegook, drivel, gabble, babble, nonsense

  2. talk or writing containing many obscure, pretentious, or technical words.


/ ˈdʒɪbərɪʃ /


  1. rapid chatter like that of monkeys
  2. incomprehensible talk; nonsense

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Word History and Origins

Origin of gibberish1

1545–55; apparently gibber + -ish 1, on the model of language names so formed

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Example Sentences

The rhythmic, repetitive “ba-ba-ba’s” and “ga-ga-ga’s” of human infants may sound like gibberish, but they are necessary exploratory steps toward learning how to talk.

Depending on which blocks you take out, you can get multiple words, or complete gibberish.

It’s hard to explain my life to him, because all my gripes seem like gibberish.

From Time

Because one of his books was written in an incomprehensible code, some have thought the word gibberish was derived from Jabir.

When a clerk at the receiving end set her Enigma to the same starting position and typed the gibberish, the original text appeared.

All Facebook will see is cyphertext—the mathematical gibberish computers generate to thwart spying eyes.

She said some more gibberish, and then refused the statuette from presenter Roger Moore.

He ranted and raved in gibberish, always talking about himself, but was also very intelligent.

What can be a monologue about class and social-climbing to women can be near gibberish to men.

As I said, the mainstream media will fall for this gibberish.

But when he tried to express the cooperative impulse that stirred within him, his noises became gibberish.

Now used generally for a spell or conjuring word: mere gibberish.

At the sound of his approach a woman came running to the door, shrieking for assistance in a Mexican gibberish.

When among strangers, they elude inquiries respecting their peculiar language, calling it Gibberish.

They're long strings of mathematical gibberish, and they have an almost magic property.


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