[ gid-l-ee ]


  1. with unrestrained high spirits; gleefully:

    She blushed and giggled giddily like a child, squealing, “He smiled at me!”

  2. in a way that causes or is affected by vertigo; dizzily:

    The shrine is giddily perched atop a cliff amid medieval fortifications.

  3. in a frivolous or silly way:

    School boards in those days were spending giddily to keep up with every fad.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of giddily1

First recorded in 1200–50; giddy ( def ) + -ly

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Example Sentences

He aimed it at his eye, and smiled broadly as his female companion giddily snapped photos.

When it premiered, critics giddily showered it with bouquets of roses, many going so far as to call it monumental.

He cracked the shell of anonymity, emerged giddily into the light and took on a new moniker.

My whole goal with this place,” he says, bouncing giddily, “was people are eating like this.

The next morning, Perez Hilton giddily tweeted, “His box office glory days are over!”

She felt impelled to fly from that house, from the narrow circles, which whirled giddily around her, to fly from herself.

Now they would drift gently on the swell of the quiet sea, now they would whirl giddily on the crest of a storm-tossed wave.

The degree in mathematics and chemistry appealed to me as particularly congenial—albeit giddily inaccessible.

He wondered giddily how old she was—she seemed so much more self-possessed and experienced than himself.

A whirlwind of sand was advancing towards them along the beach below, revolving giddily.