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[ gid-ee-nis ]


  1. unrestrained high spirits:

    In a moment of uncharacteristic giddiness, the groom spun his bride around in joyous circles.

  2. dizziness or lightheadedness; vertigo:

    Besides general effects such as nausea, giddiness, or an inability to focus, the excessive vibration of industrial tools can also damage nerves and blood vessels.

  3. frivolous lightheartedness; silliness or lack of seriousness:

    I'm not prone to escapism, giddiness, or saccharine sentimentality.

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Example Sentences

The Arizona Cardinals’ rebuild arrived at a giddy zenith Sunday afternoon with a Hail Mary play, a little less than two years after it began with a Hail Mary plan.

At first, there is pure joy and giddiness, because, yes, that is exactly what pleasure tastes like.

A giant, over-the-top mess of contradictions and giddiness and mistakes and something weirdly pure and divine.

That giddiness is a warm and fuzzy feeling, almost as good as being drunk but definitely not as good as being gay.

The collection was overtly rich but without the giddiness—and innocence—of youth.

And then you go beyond the giddiness and step back and try and look at things and see, do they all add up, does it all work?

Persons affected with giddiness can only reach it with great difficulty, if indeed they can do so at all.

My complaint was a giddiness in the head, brought on by riding in the sun.

Both Giddiness and the Ice-Maiden seize a man as an octopus seizes all within its reach.

When he got down into the street in the full blaze of noon-day, he had a touch of giddiness.

Darby was staggering from giddiness and stumbling at every step.