Gilbert Islands

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a group of islands in the W Pacific: with Banaba, the Phoenix Islands, and three of the Line Islands they constitute the independent state of Kiribati; until 1975 they formed part of the British colony of Gilbert and Ellice Islands; achieved full independence in 1979. Pop: 82 902 (2005). Area: 295 sq km (114 sq miles)
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How to use Gilbert Islands in a sentence

  • Likewise, in the Gilbert Islands a man shows the same respect to a woman as to a chief, by stepping aside when he meets her.

    Sex and Society|William I. Thomas
  • Similar care is taken in the Carolines and the Gilbert Islands and in many other regions all over the world.

  • In Tonga and in the Gilbert Islands the separation is rigidly enforced.

    The Fijians|Basil Thomson