/ ˈdʒɪlɑːd /


  1. NEW.FOR.DICT.COM GillardJuila Eileen1961FAustraliaWelshPOLITICS: prime minister Julia (Eileen). born 1961. Australian Labor politician, born in Wales: Deputy Prime Minister (2007–10); Prime Minister (2010-13)

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Example Sentences

Even Bob Hawke, who as prime minister shed iconic tears on behalf of Soviet Jews, urged Gillard to change her vote.

Making amends for these equivocations, Prime Minister Julia Gillard was set to vote against the Palestine resolution.

The ballot on Monday, of Rudd versus Gillard, is seen as a test of his popularity against her competence.

Rudd is polling ahead of both Gillard and the conservative opposition leader, Tony Abbott, as preferred prime minister.

Rudd is liked by Australians, and Gillard is liked by her colleagues.

I should think it very probable that Challitt and Gillard will be caught.

He and Gillard had parted immediately after the crime, judging it safer not to be seen together.

I knew this man (Gillard) well, and knew that nobody was a more likely rascal for such a crime as that at Finchley.

Ask Gillard why his hounds are never known to tire, and get from him what hints you can.

And if you can't get it at Gillard's, there is nowhere else to go.





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