[ gi-les-pee ]


  1. John Birks [burks] Dizzy, 1917–93, U.S. jazz trumpeter and composer.


/ ɡɪˈlɛspɪ /


  1. GillespieDizzy19171993MUSMUSIC: jazz trumpeter Dizzy, nickname of John Birks Gillespie. 1917–93, US jazz trumpeter

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Example Sentences

Gillespie had broken the code of a ransomware strain called GoGoogle, and was helping victims without any fanfare, when Bitdefender released a decryption tool in May 2020.

Robinson-Earl added 14 points, six rebounds and five assists, and Gillespie finished with 12 points, five assists and three rebounds.

“There are instances where you need to remove the child into a quieter type of environment, but the goal here is to have the school personnel continue to work with the child rather than just locking them up and moving them out,” Gillespie said.

Before the Senate’s unanimous vote, Gillespie told fellow legislators that shutting kids inside seclusion rooms “actually tends to exacerbate the behaviors” that school workers are trying to address.

I asked Gillespie what it means that Holy Rood Cemetery has been resurrected.

All but Ed Gillespie in Virginia won, and even Gillespie made significant gains among female voters compared to now-Gov.

Gillespie explained that this research did find a connection between the number of likely black voters and black elected leaders.

Gillespie had forensic-imaging experts examine photos taken of the plane and its patched-over window at the Miami airport.

Gillespie finds true romance in reasoning, and he was intrigued.

Gillespie and his organization then took the piece to the U.S. Air Force restoration shop.

Highland gentlemen of every degree are mostly fond of Gillespie; while operatives from the Lowlands generally prefer plain Scotch.

The fish has not been reported by fishermen since that time to the knowledge of Mr. Gillespie or of the writer.

Gillespie coached him on parliamentary matters, and in time the reports became technically as well as artistically good.

Formerly it had been done by a man named Gillespie, but Gillespie was now clerk of the house.

And then there was Sister Gillespie, and a house full of young Gillespies, and they were all so glad to see me.


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