[ ji-let ]


  1. Frederick Huntington, 1851–1935, U.S. political leader: Speaker of the House 1919–25.
  2. a male given name, form of Gilbert.

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Example Sentences

“He told me he was divorced eight months before,” Gillett says.

If anyone could win that competition, it's Stephen Gillett, the digital wizard who joined Best Buy nine months ago.

If Best Buy still has folks like Stephen Gillett," I told myself, "they've still got a fighting chance.

Yesterday news came that Gillett was stepping down in order to move to Symantec as COO.

But it will probably be a little bit harder without Stephen Gillett.

Sir Charles laughed, got together the other members of his party and all followed Mr. Gillett to a narrow companion way.

The guard nodded; Mr. Gillett whispered a few instructions, asked a number of other questions.

Mr. Gillett with a knowing expression rose, took a volume from a bookcase and opened it.

Mr. Gillett started as if to venture a mild expostulation, but thought better of the impulse.

"Then--" The other interrupted Mr. Gillett harshly, but she failed to catch more of his words.