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  1. King Camp, 1855–1932, U.S. businessman: inventor of the safety razor.
  2. William (Hooker), 1855–1937, U.S. actor and dramatist.
  3. a town in NE Wyoming.
  4. a male given name, form of Gilbert.

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Example Sentences

The company offers a portfolio of trusted brands like Bounty paper towels, Crest toothpaste, Gillette razor blades and Tide detergent.

“I think that the fans at Gillette will embrace him until the opening kickoff, and then they’re going to boo the hell out of him, which is great,” Brady Sr.

Things to consider when shopping for the best electric shaversFinding the best electric razor can be a bit more complicated than settling on Gillette or Schick.

In fact, he's not even high on the list of NFL players one jerks off too during halftime at Gillette Stadium.

Show regulars Jay Mohr and Penn Gillette also cheered for Cumia.

“I think it provides somewhat of a green light for other states to move forward with a strong regulatory system,” Gillette said.

Feuer, Gillette and Rosenthal also attended the full platform committee meeting two weeks later in Detroit.

The coup de grâce: he can currently be seen sporting a plethora of fake mustaches in commercials for Gillette.

But to all their questions Gillette would only answer: ‘Everything comes to him who knows how to wait.’

King C. Gillette has become a wealthy man from the royalties and profits on his safety razor.

While safety razors had been on the market for years, it took Gillette to bring out a better one, patent it, and make his fortune.

Clemens and his wife loaned Gillette the three thousand dollars which tided him through his period of dramatic education.

One day when Clemens and Gillette were together they decided to give the little girl a surprise—a unique one.





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