[ gil-muhn ]

  1. Arthur, 1837–1909, U.S. educator.

  2. Charlotte Anna Perkins, 1860–1935, U.S. writer, publisher, and feminist.

  1. Daniel Coit [koit], /kɔɪt/, 1831–1908, U.S. educator.

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How to use Gilman in a sentence

  • Priscilla Gilman on how she and her son rise to the challenge.

    Autism's Back-to-School Anxiety | Priscilla Gilman | September 24, 2011 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • In 1872, the second president of the University of California, Daniel Coit Gilman, said science was "the mother of California."

    The Golden State Is Crumbling | Joel Kotkin | September 2, 2011 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • Mr. Gilman, one of the owners of the warehouse, standing at the garret door, asked what they wanted.

    Historic Adventures | Rupert S. Holland
  • On our leaving, Mr. Gilman bade us “look upward,” which has ever been one of our life mottoes.

    Mary and I | Stephen Return Riggs
  • Her ashes now rest in the ancient Polish city where President Gilman uttered his fine tribute to the friend of her youth.

    Essays on Modern Novelists | William Lyon Phelps
  • There was a patter of applause from the gallery, started by Gilman and Cyril.

    Fore! | Charles Emmett Van Loan
  • Mr. Gilman for many years spent an active and busy life in the city.

    Norfolk Annals | Charles Mackie