gimlet eye


  1. a sharp or piercing glance.
  2. an eye that appears to give a sharp or piercing look.

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Other Words From

  • gimlet-eyed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of gimlet eye1

First recorded in 1815–25

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Example Sentences

Someone with a different perspective and a bit of a gimlet eye.

So, I think I’ve always brought a certain kind of gimlet eye on New York’s claims of primacy.

Murdoch was known to personally track all of the editorial budgets with a gimlet eye.

There are reasons, in other words, for hard-shell conservatives to give him the gimlet eye.

What the baron recoils from in horror, others discern with a gimlet eye to the main social chance.

Rebecca knew that they were doing no harm, but that did not prevent her hoping to escape the gimlet eye of Mr. Came.

Hence I pulled away from land, with the heavy boat towing the light one, and even Sandy Macraw unable to lay his gimlet eye on me.

I was fetehin' some oats to Gimlet Eye, an' didn't take any particular notice.

"Something in that," said London Bill, a gleam of admiration in his beady gimlet eye.

Ay, cried Wewitzer, I now understand what they call a gimlet eye.


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