[ jee-nuh ]


  1. a female given name.

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Example Sentences

Gina found herself the judge of the Great Brownie Bake Off at Imaginary University, a school where students learn lots of geometry but very little arithmetic.

For Gina to ensure her clients receive the pleasure they want, she meets individually with them and writes down their preferences.

Realising the pleasure she experienced having her house cleaned by a shirtless, handsome man, Gina starts her own male cleaning business and her swimming crew become her first clients.

Now, thanks to his daughter Gina, their legacy of service is not only continuing on, but evolving with the tech-driven times we’re living in now.

Gina and Rob Domaoal’s infant son was in day care for three months last year before the coronavirus shut it down.

Gina Dominguez, the spokeswoman for Gov. Javier Duarte and his cudgel with the local press, resigned a mere three days later.

I enjoyed your stint on The League as the awful Gina Gibiatti.

The de facto descriptor when it comes to the allure of Gina Gershon is “sultry.”

One year later, he asked Gina DeJesus if she needed a ride home from school.

Tom Perez for Labor and Gina McCarthy for the EPA were tougher votes for Republicans than Hochberg, but even they made it.

Little Gina, who brought the whole neighbourhood to her feet in her joyous dancing delight.

Fined fifty talents for taking some of Harpalus' gold, he fled from Athens, living for a time in Trœzen and gina.

The tortoise is found sculptured on some of the ruins at Uxmal; it was also stamped upon the coins of Grecian Thebes and gina.

Would to the saints that it were now, Gina; or that you and I had never met.

However, you surely need not have married our Gina to my old friend Hialmar.





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