/ (ˈɡɪnəl, ˈdʒɪn-) /

  1. Northern English dialect a narrow passageway between buildings

Origin of ginnel

C17: perhaps a corruption of channel 1

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How to use ginnel in a sentence

  • And what particular one do you want to go up—the ginnel against my mill?'

    Sarah's School Friend | May Baldwin
  • Scholes, who was cleaning out the ginnel in front of his stable, straightened himself, staring intently at his informant.

    The Root of All Evil | J. S. Fletcher
  • An away Susy flew daan th' ginnel, famously suited wi' th' way shoo'd capt 'em wi' her scholarship.

    Yorksher Puddin' | John Hartley
  • Then it pained me so the ginnel stopped a-laughin' and sent for the doctor, and he giv' me a drink of whiskey.

    Tenting on the Plains | Elizabeth B. Custer
  • The ginnel would be standin' at the back window, just to catch a chance to laugh at me if I gave the prisoners anythin' to eat.

    Tenting on the Plains | Elizabeth B. Custer