any of several plants of the genus Panax, especially P. pseudoginseng, of eastern Asia, or P. qinquefolius, of North America, having an aromatic root used medicinally.
the root itself.
a preparation made from it.

Also genseng.

Origin of ginseng

1645–55; < Chinese (Wade-Giles) jên2 shên1, (Pinyin) rén-shēn, equivalent to rén man + shēn name for a kind of herb Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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either of two araliaceous plants, Panax schinseng of China or P. quinquefolius of North America, whose forked aromatic roots are used medicinally
the root of either of these plants or a substance obtained from the roots, believed to possess stimulant, tonic, and energy-giving properties

Word Origin for ginseng

C17: from Mandarin Chinese jen shen, from jen man (from a resemblance of the roots to human legs) + shen ginseng
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Word Origin and History for ginseng

1690s, from Chinese jen-shen. First element means "man," but the meaning of the second is obscure.

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