Natalia (nataˈliːa). 1916–91, Italian writer and dramatist. Her books include The Road to the City (1942), Voices in the Evening (1961), and Family Sayings (1963)

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Historical Examples of ginzburg

  • Ginzburg understands the meaning of her question and is silent, because he is afraid to say anything in reply.

  • A tangle of memories was stirring in Ginzburg's head, all relating to deaths and graves.

  • It was a little girl, and they named her Dvoreh, after Ginzburg's dead mother.

  • Ginzburg cast a look at the child, a chill went through him, he ran to the door.

  • Ginzburg looked round, glided like a shadow into a corner of the room, and lit the little lamp that stood there.