[ juh-rahrd ]


  1. Stephen, 1750–1831, U.S. merchant, banker, and philanthropist, born in France.
  2. a city in NE Ohio.

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Example Sentences

Girard and Toews have tilted the ice, too, leading the Avalanche to a 17-to-7 edge in goals scored and 154-to-96 advantage in shots on net.

But the choice of a scapegoat is never really arbitrary, as scholar René Girard has shown in his classic study of the phenomenon.

According to anthropologist René Girard, cultures require sacrificial victims in order to avoid epidemic revenge feuds.

Police reported that Girard warned that “martial law” would soon be imposed by the government.

The two principal ladies' parts were held by Mesdemoiselles Faivre and Girard, both of them full of life and animation.

De Courval set the room in order, and lighted his pipe, after obeying Girard's suggestions.

"Let us go and see," said Girard; and with the man who already counted his wealth in millions Ren hurried on.

A notation suggested by Vieta and favored by Girard made vowels stand for unknowns and consonants for knowns.

Bailey Girard, her helper once, the hero of her dreams, the man his friend had pledged for succorBailey Girard stood motionless.