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give away


  1. to donate or bestow as a gift, prize, etc
  2. to sell very cheaply
  3. to reveal or betray (esp in the phrases give the game or show away )
  4. to fail to use (an opportunity) through folly or neglect
  5. to present (a bride) formally to her husband in a marriage ceremony
  6. informal.
    to give up or abandon (something)


  1. a betrayal or disclosure of information, esp when unintentional
  2. something given, esp with articles on sale, at little or no charge to increase sales, attract publicity, etc
  3. journalism another name for freesheet
  4. a radio or television programme characterized by the award of money and prizes
  5. modifier
    1. very cheap (esp in the phrase giveaway prices )
    2. free of charge

      a giveaway property magazine

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Example Sentences

An Alaska state Senator wants to give away pregnancy tests, but not birth control, in bars.

Baby-faced handsome with short dark hair, his cheeks are just chubby enough to give away the 70 pounds he recently lost.

In Sunday's episode we saw him weeping, wracked with guilt, and trying to give away the millions he earned in the meth business.

He was selling the material we were working to give away free, to responsible outlets.

Converse had a contest this week to give away the pair of sneakers in the video to a lucky fan.

But that sudden spurt of speed on the part of the gray sedan was a dead give-away.

The victims of the tiger dare not leave footprints for it will give away their whereabouts.

Few men are more charitable, and few, of his means—for he is not rich—give away as much in the course of a year.

"Surely, this will be small enough to give away," she thought, yet when baked it was larger than both the others.

So home, and then to Cheapside about buying a piece of plate to give away to-morrow to Mrs. Browne's child.


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