give out

  1. (tr) to emit or discharge

  2. (tr) to publish or make known: the chairman gave out that he would resign

  1. (tr) to hand out or distribute: they gave out free chewing gum on the street

  2. (intr) to become exhausted; fail: the supply of candles gave out

  3. (intr foll by to) Irish informal to reprimand (someone) at length

  4. (tr) cricket (of an umpire) to declare (a batsman) dismissed

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How to use give out in a sentence

  • Mother thinks a dash-churn, stand and flap the dasher straight up and down till your arms and legs give out, is the best kind.

    Dorothy at Skyrie | Evelyn Raymond
  • Fitzwilliam was also told to give out that the expedition was not intended against the natives, but against the usurping Scots.

  • It should be steady, and it should not give out great heat nor injurious products of combustion.

  • My cosen Joyce Norton kept the wine and cakes above; and did give out to them that served, who had white gloves given them.

  • The cue had been given him, and he proceeded to give out nickels to the new boys, urging them to "pay Joe quick."

    The Leaven in a Great City | Lillian William Betts

Other Idioms and Phrases with give out

give out

Allow to be known, declare publicly, as in They gave out that she was ill. [Mid-1300s]

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