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give notice

  1. Tell one's employer one is quitting, as in Our housekeeper gave notice last week . This usage, first recorded in 1765, originally alluded to any kind of termination, such as a housing lease, but today is most often used for leaving employment.

  2. Inform or warn someone of something, as in He's prompt about giving us notice of any discrepancy in the accounts . [Late 1500s]

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Example Sentences

A partner who retires should give notice of his retirement to relieve himself from future liability.

Their duty is to ease each coil as it passes out of the tank, and to give notice of the marks painted on the cable one mile apart.

The enemy were shelling the town, so I put a corporal on the watch to give notice as the shells drew nearer.

In such cases, however, we intend always to give notice of the fact.

Of course you will give notice to the coroner, and there will be a post-mortem?


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