glacial drift

  1. material, as gravel, sand, or clay, transported and deposited by a glacier or by glacial meltwater.

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How to use glacial drift in a sentence

  • It also drains regions of the glacial drift and beds which overlie overturned Miocene strata, and are sometimes mixed with them.

  • A good deal of the solid geology is obscured in many places by glacial drift, boulder clay and sands.

  • Yet another theory advanced is that the Foreign Stones were transported to the plain as boulders of the "glacial drift."

    Stonehenge | Frank Stevens
  • Directly overlying the sheets of glacial drift laid down by the ice there is a flora corresponding to that of the present tundras.

    Climatic Changes | Ellsworth Huntington
  • Other circumstances occurred, however, to establish a connection between this formation and the glacial drift.