glacial epoch

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  1. Also called glacial period, ice age. the geologically recent Pleistocene Epoch, during which much of the Northern Hemisphere was covered by great ice sheets.

  2. any one of the Permian, Carboniferous, Cambrian, or Precambrian glaciations.

Origin of glacial epoch

First recorded in 1840–50

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How to use glacial epoch in a sentence

  • Science teaches that man existed during the glacial epoch, which was at least fifty thousand years before the Christian era.

    God and my Neighbour | Robert Blatchford
  • This chart represents the part marked glacial epoch in Fig. 24, with which it should be compared.

    Prehistoric Man | W. L. H. Duckworth
  • Was its bed, sea or dry land, or under an ice sheet, during the long ages of the glacial epoch?

  • The collapse of the bridge at the close of the glacial epoch left the Atlantic abyss effectually dividing the two hemispheres.

    Influences of Geographic Environment | Ellen Churchill Semple
  • Post-glacial epoch, in which man lived cotemporaneously with the mammoth and reindeer (Cervus tarandus).