Glacier National Park


  1. a national park in NW Montana: glaciers; lakes; forest reserve. 1,534 sq. mi. (3,970 sq. km).

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Example Sentences

Par for the course, pets are not allowed on any trails or in the backcountry at Glacier National Park, but they can accompany you along any of the picturesque paved roads and at pullouts when you park.

Case in point, after Glacier National Park was established in 1910, the Great Northern built lodges and funded an aggressive marketing campaign encouraging people to see the “American Alps.”

In Montana’s Glacier National Park, expectations are high for potentially record-breaking crowds this summer.

I was discovering a quieter, often forgotten corner of Glacier National Park, one overlooked in favor of Instagram selfies with towering high peaks.

I’ve been testing the phone for about a week and talking to outdoor photographer Austin Mann, who tried out his 12 Pro in Montana’s Glacier National Park.

After 50 years, members of the Huna Tlingit people can finally collect harvest sea gull eggs again in Glacier National Park.

Peacock served as an expert witness on grizzlies in federal court for Glacier National Park.

“The first time I saw Glacier National Park, it was the magical fantasy land I had always been dreaming about,” says Chin.

The highest density of wolverines left south of Canada is in Glacier National Park.

Although this Glacier National Park is only five years old, the game animals within it have already become very tame.

But with the vast Glacier National Park no additions appear to be needed.

Lakes—splendid intermountain lakes—are an unrivaled attraction in the Glacier National Park.

The Glacier National Park has an endless variety of small game, and in it numerous varieties of large animals are fairly abundant.

Hunters and dogs cornered an old billy near me in the head of a glacial cirque, in what is now the Glacier National Park.





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