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[ glad-lee ]


  1. with happiness, pleasure, or delight; joyfully:

    Thank you for your friendship, which I gladly accept.

  2. willingly and readily:

    I will gladly die defending the honor of my fallen brothers.

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Example Sentences

“I’m glad somebody’s finally taking a close look” at IBM, he said.

Either way, fund managers will be glad to see the back of an issue that has forced them to work nights after late votes that flipped markets, defeated two prime ministers and divided the country.

From Fortune

It’s likely inevitable, assuming Tesla does not collapse, but I’m glad the committee chose to wait.

From Fortune

I was also glad to have a closed-toe option for side hikes and better traction when cacti and snakes lurked with one misstep.

I’m glad you asked me that question, but I did remember the study that was done by the way that I wanted to reference because her name came back to me.

From Ozy

A man sitting next to the bus driver handed the soldier a bottle of water which was gladly received with a "thank you."

We will gladly continue patronizing those stores, but will not be taking our rifles.

If a patient is not yet playing football and a parent asks for my opinion, I gladly share it.

These Westerners bring (relative) wads of cash and influence, and are gladly met by opportunistic African leaders.

I told Al Jean I have a great story for one of the three Treehouse of Horror segments, and would gladly direct one of them.

Few of us there are who would not gladly read and speak several more languages if we had the chance of doing so.

England gladly seized the opportunity of injuring her enemy and sent aid to the people of Spain.

There are many articles in the American department of which I would gladly speak, that have attracted no public notice.

He stepped gladly into the building and the door shut with the familiar thunder that completed the reconstruction of the past.

A servant soon announced that their sleeping-rooms were ready, and they gladly at once sought their beds.





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