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or glam·our·ize

[ glam-uh-rahyz ]

verb (used with object)

, glam·or·ized, glam·or·iz·ing.
  1. to make glamorous.
  2. to glorify or romanticize:

    an adventure film that tended to glamorize war.


/ ˈɡlæməˌraɪz /


  1. tr to cause to be or seem glamorous; romanticize or beautify

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Derived Forms

  • ˌglamoriˈzation, noun
  • ˈglamorˌizer, noun

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Other Words From

  • glamor·i·zation noun
  • glamor·izer noun
  • over·glamor·ize verb (used with object) overglamorized overglamorizing
  • over·glamour·ize verb (used with object) overglamourized overglamourizing
  • un·glamor·ized adjective
  • un·glamour·ized adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of glamorize1

An Americanism dating back to 1935–40; glamor ( def ) + -ize

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Example Sentences

It took living in a place where work is glamorized and rest is discouraged for me to appreciate casariyo.

We have, in a very real sense, over-glamorized the food that we eat.

From Eater

To some, the film was just a glamorized portrayal of “thug life” and an inaccurate characterization of young men growing up in the hood.

Our whole culture glamorizes the grind, the hard work so when something like a global pandemic comes along and we are left with nothing but our unemployed selves and the distorted world of social media, it is easy to feel like we are inadequate.

From Time

Tom leads us from the rough tough 1970s through the rise of yuppies and yuppified, glamorized outer boroughs, the birth of hip hop and Bloomberg terminals, and the international super-luxury Manhattan of today.

“I just wanted to make it realistic and not glamorize life,” she said.

As Joe, Gainsbourg makes no effort to glamorize the truth, but she makes all the effort to honor the truth.

I strongly believe that the show does not glamorize teen pregnancy.

And the human mind always seems to magnify the present difficulties, and glamorize the possible future.


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