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verb (used without object)
  1. to reflect a sparkling light or a faint intermittent glow; shine lustrously.
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  1. a glistening; sparkle.
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Origin of glisten

before 1000; Middle English glis(t)nen (v.), Old English glisnian, derivative of glisian to glitter; see -en1
Related formsglis·ten·ing·ly, adverbun·glis·ten·ing, adjective


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1. glimmer, gleam, glitter. Glisten, shimmer, sparkle refer to different ways in which light is reflected from surfaces. Glisten refers to a lustrous light, as from something sleek or wet, or it may refer to myriads of tiny gleams reflected from small surfaces: Wet fur glistens. Snow glistens in the sunlight. Shimmer refers to the changing play of light on a (generally moving) surface, as of water or silk: Moonbeams shimmer on water. Silk shimmers in a high light. To sparkle is to give off sparks or small ignited particles, or to send forth small but brilliant gleams, sometimes by reflection: A diamond sparkles with numerous points of light.
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  • His body was glistening, his cheeks were flushed, his eyes were burning with joy.

  • His cheeks were hollow and hectic, his eyes were glistening as with fever, his chest heaved.

    The Channings

    Mrs. Henry Wood

  • Before us were two colossal statues of glistening white crystal.

  • His voice was choked and his pale face was glistening with perspiration.

  • Meantime her bare arm, which she had not wiped, was glistening and dripping with water.

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verb (intr)
  1. (of a wet or glossy surface) to gleam by reflecting lightwet leaves glisten in the sunlight
  2. (of light) to reflect with brightnessthe sunlight glistens on wet leaves
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  1. rare a gleam or gloss
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Derived Formsglisteningly, adverb

Word Origin

Old English glisnian; related to glisian to glitter, Middle High German glistern
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Word Origin and History for glistening



Old English glisnian "to glisten, gleam," from Proto-Germanic *glis- (cf. Old Frisian glisa "to shine," Middle High German glistern "to sparkle," Old Danish glisse "to shine"), from PIE *ghleis-, from root *ghel- "to shine, glitter, glow, be warm" (see glass). Related: Glistened; glistening.

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