[ shahy-ning ]
/ ˈʃaɪ nɪŋ /


radiant; gleaming; bright.
resplendent; brilliant: shining talents.
conspicuously fine: a shining example.

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Origin of shining

before 900; Middle English s(c)hininge, schininde, Old English scinende; see shine1, -ing2

Related formsshin·ing·ly, adverbself-shin·ing, adjectiveun·shin·ing, adjective

Synonym study

1. See bright.

Origin of shine

before 900; Middle English s(c)hinen (v.), Old English scīnan; cognate with Dutch schijnen, German scheinen, Old Norse skīna, Gothic skeinan

1. glimmer, shimmer. Shine, beam, glare refer to the emitting or reflecting of light. Shine refers to a steady glowing or reflecting of light: to shine in the sun. That which beams gives forth a radiant or bright light: to beam like a star. Glare refers to the shining of a light that is not only bright but so strong as to be unpleasant and dazzling: to glare like a headlight. 9. buff, burnish, brighten. 11. gloss, gleam, glow, sheen.

Related formsun·shined, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ʃaɪn) /

verb shines, shining or shone


Word Origin for shine

Old English scīnan; related to Old Norse skīna, Gothic skeinan, Old High German scīnan to shine, Greek skia shadow

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Idioms and Phrases with shining


In addition to the idiom beginning with shine

  • shine up to

also see:

  • make hay while the sun shines
  • rain or shine
  • rise and shine
  • take a fancy (shine) to
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