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[ shahy-ning ]


  1. Synonyms: effulgent

  2. shining talents.

    Synonyms: lustrous

  3. conspicuously fine:

    a shining example.

    Synonyms: splendid, prime, eminent, distinguished, outstanding

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Other Words From

  • shining·ly adverb
  • self-shining adjective
  • un·shining adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of shining1

First recorded before 900; Middle English s(c)hininge, schininde, Old English scinende; shine 1, -ing 2
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Synonym Study

See bright.
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Example Sentences

In the same shining season, he has unified both traditional and advanced concepts of value.

For much of my early life America meant progress, the bright shining farming future.

From Time

For every political candidate, that’s always the bright shining light they see ahead of them, the possibility that in this moment, for them, everything will fall into place.

As Randy notes, “Maybe there is a value in shining a light on this and asking the questions.”

This award is fought over tooth-and-nail each year by political consultants from sea to shining sea.

Was part of the attraction to the project shining a light in this bizarre blight on America?

They were, if you believed the Soviet propaganda machine, a shining example of communism at work.

Call it LANifest destiny: the sense the Internet should be available, everywhere, from sea to shining sea.

The sun was shining when they arrived at Salon, the gayest, the most coquettish, the most laughing little town in Provence.

He saw a large building, in front of which were long, slender strips of shining steel.

Jos lifted himself on his elbow, and fixing his shining eyes on Ramona, said in Spanish, "My mother asks if you are travellers?"

His dark, shining, almost too intelligent eyes looked at Nigel, and looked away.

The storm, however, was over; the moon and stars were shining in a clear sky, and the aurora was dancing merrily.





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