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[ glee-ming ]


  1. giving off or appearing to give off light or brightness; radiant; shining:

    A cold, gray light filtered down through the bushes and lay on the faintly gleaming sand.

    The newest release is a gleaming composite of epic, unabashedly pretty '70s songwriting and fancy-pants disco hedonism.

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Other Words From

  • gleam·ing·ly adverb
  • un·gleam·ing adjective
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Example Sentences

Nothing does it quite like deftly decapitating a bottle of bubbly with a gleaming blade.

But then, like a scene in a horror movie, she will wake as though someone were coming at her with a gleaming knife.

I jammed my thumb into my mouth and almost choked on it while the screen lit up with sunny skies on a gleaming lake.

She found out on her first day on the job in 1941, when confronted with two bodies laid out on gleaming white porcelain tables.

Caroline and John Jr. took great interest in the gleaming dirk.

“You must leave this house this moment,” she cried, with a stamp, with gleaming eyes and very pale.

Kerry glared after the retreating figures for a moment, and a grin of fierce satisfaction revealed his gleaming teeth.

Dorothy descended from her lofty perch on the stool, and met the red gleaming eyes of Pincher intently watching all her movements.

She fancied she could almost see the wings of angels gleaming in the purple sunlight.

Upon the intruder he turned a crimson, furious face, perspiration gleaming like varnish on brow and nose.