[ glit-er ]
/ ˈglɪt ər /

verb (used without object)

to reflect light with a brilliant, sparkling luster; sparkle with reflected light.
to make a brilliant show.


a sparkling reflected light or luster.
showy splendor.
small glittering ornaments.

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Origin of glitter

1300–50; Middle English < Old Norse glitra; compare Old English glitenian, German gleissen to shine, glitter

1. See flash. 3. sparkle.

Related formsglit·ter·ing·ly, adverbout·glit·ter, verb (used with object)un·glit·ter·ing, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈɡlɪtə) /

verb (intr)

(of a hard, wet, or polished surface) to reflect light in bright flashes
(of light) to be reflected in bright flashes
(usually foll by with) to be decorated or enhanced by the glamour (of)the show glitters with famous actors


Derived Formsglitteringly, adverbglittery, adjective

Word Origin for glitter

C14: from Old Norse glitra; related to Old High German glīzan to shine

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Word Origin and History for glitter



c.1300, glideren (late 14c. as gliteren), from a Scandinavian source, cf. Old Norse glitra "to glitter," from glit "brightness," from Proto-Germanic *glit- "shining, bright" (cf. Old English glitenian "to glitter, shine; be distinguished," Old High German glizzan, German glitzern, Gothic glitmunjan), from PIE *ghleid- (cf. Greek khlidon, khlidos "ornament"), from root *ghel- "to shine, glitter" (see glass). Related: Glittered; glittering. The noun is c.1600, from the verb. Glitter rock is from 1972.

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see all that glitters is not gold.

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