[ gloht ]
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verb (used without object)
  1. to look at or think about with great or excessive, often smug or malicious, satisfaction: The opposing team gloated over our bad luck.

  1. an act or feeling of gloating.

Origin of gloat

1565–75; perhaps akin to Old Norse glotta “to smile scornfully”; compare German glotzen “to stare”

synonym study For gloat

1. See glare1.

Other words from gloat

  • gloat·er, noun

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How to use gloat in a sentence

  • She might be left alone to gloat over her revenge, while patriots made merry over their drinking.

    The Light That Lures | Percy Brebner
  • No one can gloat over the imaginary torments of Hell without being a persecuting devil at heart.

  • To the hill-top he had to go whenever he would gloat upon its beauty.

    Earth's Enigmas | Charles G. D. Roberts

British Dictionary definitions for gloat


/ (ɡləʊt) /

  1. (intr often foll by over) to dwell (on) with malevolent smugness or exultation

  1. the act of gloating

Origin of gloat

C16: probably of Scandinavian origin; compare Old Norse glotta to grin, Middle High German glotzen to stare

Derived forms of gloat

  • gloater, noun
  • gloatingly, adverb

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