[ gloh-bij-uh-rahy-nuh, -ree- ]
/ gloʊˌbɪdʒ əˈraɪ nə, -ˌri- /

noun, plural glo·big·er·i·nas, glo·big·er·i·nae [gloh-bij-uh-rahy-nee, -ree-] /gloʊˌbɪdʒ əˈraɪ ni, -ˌri-/.

any marine foraminifer of the genus Globigerina, having a calcareous shell, occurring either near the surface of the sea or in the mud at the bottom.

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Origin of globigerina

1840–50; < New Latin, equivalent to Latin globi- globe (combining form of globus) + -ger- (stem of gerere to carry) + -ina -ina2 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ɡləʊˌbɪdʒəˈraɪnə) /

noun plural -nas or -nae (-niː)

any marine protozoan of the genus Globigerina, having a rounded shell with spiny processes: phylum Foraminifera (foraminifers)
globigerina ooze a deposit on the ocean floor consisting of the shells of these protozoans

Word Origin for globigerina

C19: from New Latin, from Latin globus globe + gerere to carry, bear

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