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or glob·u·lous

[ glob-yuh-ler ]


  1. globe-shaped; spherical.
  2. composed of or having globules.
  3. worldwide; global.


/ ˈɡlɒbjʊlə; ˌɡlɒbjʊˈlærɪtɪ /


  1. shaped like a globe or globule
  2. having or consisting of globules

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Derived Forms

  • ˈglobularly, adverb
  • globularity, noun
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Other Words From

  • globu·lari·ty globu·lar·ness noun
  • globu·lar·ly adverb
  • inter·globu·lar adjective
  • non·globu·lar adjective
  • non·globu·lar·ly adverb
  • sub·globu·lar adjective
  • sub·globu·lar·ly adverb
  • subglob·u·lari·ty noun
  • un·globu·lar adjective
  • un·globu·lar·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of globular1

1650–60; < Latin globul ( us ) globule + -ar 1
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Example Sentences

Diederik Kruijssen, an astronomer at Heidelberg University in Germany, used galaxy simulations to train a neural network to scrutinize globular clusters.

“It was completely unexpected that we would find a globular cluster that is so metal poor,” says astronomer Søren Larsen of Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Named RBC EXT8, this globular cluster is also surprisingly massive, challenging theories for how such clusters and some galaxies form, astronomers report online October 15 in Science.

Less massive globular clusters dissolve into their host galaxies over time.

He had a spare hour before the globular clusters in galaxy M33 that his team was planning to look at rose above the horizon, so the observers picked another cluster “more or less at random” to fill the time.

These globular masses usually contain many tubercle bacilli.

The fact that the earth was globular in form was understood by the Greek men of science.

To pass at once from a very simple to a very complex example: I affirm that the earth is globular.

I dont believe he is a man at all, but just a globular mass of conceit and unpublished matter, swathed in a college gown.

There is a rotund, porpoise-shaped globular gentleman known of these parts as 'Bim the Button Man.'





globoseglobular cluster