[ glohz ]
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verb (used with object),glozed, gloz·ing.
  1. to explain away; extenuate; gloss over (usually followed by over).

verb (used without object),glozed, gloz·ing.
  1. Archaic. to make glosses; comment.

  1. Archaic. flattery or deceit.

  2. Obsolete. a specious show.

Origin of gloze

1250–1300; Middle English <Old French gloser<Medieval Latin glossāre;see gloss2

Other words from gloze

  • gloz·ing·ly, adverb
  • un·glozed, adjective

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How to use gloze in a sentence

  • It was the case of Esau; he was bidden sell his birthright for pottage, and affection could not gloze over the bargain.

    The Path of the King | John Buchan
  • One marked aspect of recent devil-fiction is the tendency to gloze over his sins and to humanize him.

  • You know as well as I that it does not gloze a poor book, nor pass over defects in silence.

    The Story of an Untold Love | Paul Leicester Ford
  • The verb to gloss, or gloze, means simply to explain or translate, from Greco-Lat.

  • It is astonishing the trouble men will be at to find out when to plant potatoes, and gloze over the eternal meaning of the skies.

British Dictionary definitions for gloze


/ (ɡləʊz) archaic /

  1. (tr often foll by over) to explain away; minimize the effect or importance of

  2. to make explanatory notes or glosses on (a text)

  1. to use flattery (on)

  1. flattery or deceit

  2. an explanatory note or gloss

  1. specious or deceptive talk or action

Origin of gloze

C13: from Old French glosser to comment; see gloss ²

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