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  1. of or relating to a gnomon or to a sundial.
  2. of or relating to the measurement of time by a gnomon or a sundial.
  3. gnomic2.
  4. of, relating to, or noting a map projection in which all great circles are depicted as straight lines: a gnomonic chart.
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Sometimes gno·mon·i·cal [noh-mon-i-kuh l] /noʊˈmɒn ɪ kəl/.

Origin of gnomonic

1595–1605; < Latin gnōmonicus “of, belonging to a gnomon” < Greek gnōmonikós. See gnomon, -ic
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Historical Examples of gnomonic

  • Another kind of projection in common use is the “gnomonic projection” (fig. 12).

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 7


  • Gnomonic and conical projections are also used for the polar charts, differing little from the foregoing for moderate areas.

    Nautical Charts

    G. R. Putnam

  • A modified or composite course can readily be laid out on a gnomonic chart.

    Nautical Charts

    G. R. Putnam

  • The distortion, however, is necessarily enormous when the celestial sphere is presented in only six gnomonic maps.