[ goh-uh-round ]
/ ˈgoʊ əˌraʊnd /


an act or instance of going around something, as a circle, course, or traffic pattern, and returning to the starting point.
a series or pattern of occurrences; round: After the third go-around of questions, the witness was released.



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Also go-round (for defs 2, 3).

Origin of go-around

First recorded in 1890–95; noun use of verb phrase go around

Definition for go around (2 of 2)

Origin of go

before 900; Middle English gon, Old English gān; cognate with Old High German gēn, German gehen
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British Dictionary definitions for go around (1 of 4)

go around

go round

verb (intr)

(adverb) to move about
(adverb foll by with) to frequent the society (of a person or group of people)she went around with older men
(adverb) to be sufficientare there enough sweets to go round?
to circulate (in)measles is going round the school
(preposition) to be actively and constantly engaged in (doing something)she went around caring for the sick
to be long enough to encirclewill that belt go round you?

British Dictionary definitions for go around (2 of 4)

/ military /

abbreviation for

general order

British Dictionary definitions for go around (3 of 4)

/ (ɡəʊ) /

verb goes, going, went or gone (mainly intr)

noun plural goes


(postpositive) informal functioning properly and ready for action: esp used in astronauticsall systems are go

Word Origin for go

Old English gān; related to Old High German gēn, Greek kikhanein to reach, Sanskrit jahāti he forsakes

British Dictionary definitions for go around (4 of 4)



/ (ɡəʊ) /


a game for two players in which stones are placed on a board marked with a grid, the object being to capture territory on the board

Word Origin for go

from Japanese
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Idioms and Phrases with go around

go around


Also, go round. Satisfy a demand or need, as in Is there enough food to go around? [Mid-1800s]


Same as go about, def. 1.


go around with. Same as go with, def. 1.


go or run around in circles. Engage in excited but useless activity. For example, Bill ran around in circles trying organize us but to no avail. This idiom was first recorded in 1933. For what goes around comes around, see under full circle.

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