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Also, go a long way . Be sufficient for nearly all that is required; also, last for a long time. For example, This turkey will go far to feed the people at the shelter , or She can really make that small amount of cash go a long way . [Early 1400s] Also see go a long way toward ; go so far as to .
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Example Sentences

The demands, which can be found here, begin with Eric Garner and policing but go far further.

The consequences of substandard teaching go far beyond whether college or a good job is in reach.

This is a man whose views go far beyond opposing marriage equality.

But for Davis, even Ban the Box legislation does not go far enough.

(Haaretz) Bennett says anti-leftist-NGO bill doesn't go far enough - 'This masochism has to stop,' says Habayit Hayehudi leader.

When you exalt him put forth all your strength, and be not weary: for you can never go far enough.

It was held to be certain death to climb to its summit, and foolhardy in the extreme to go far up its sides.

We wont go far, Virginia said, it will be suppertime shortly and I know you wouldnt want to miss it.

Mr. Hume, in supporting the proposition, stated that it did not go far enough.

If he tries to walk in the dark, he is almost sure to have so great a sense of insecurity that he dare not go far from the wall.


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