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[ goh-too ]


  1. a reliable person or thing one turns to as a preferred resource, strategy, option, etc.:

    She’s our go-to for computer advice.

    This dish is my go-to when I need something quick for a potluck.

  2. a person’s standard way of behaving or responding; reflex:

    He’s not trying to impress you—that courtly politeness is his go-to with everybody.


  1. relied on and turned to as a preferred resource, strategy, option, etc., for a particular purpose:

    She’s been the team’s go-to penalty kicker all season.

    This is my go-to dictionary.

  2. being a person’s standard way of behaving or responding; usual or habitual:

    When I tell them to get off the computer, their go-to excuse is that they need it for homework.

go to


  1. to be awarded to

    the Nobel prize last year went to a Scot

  2. go to it
    go to it to tackle a task vigorously


  1. archaic.
    an exclamation expressing surprise, encouragement, etc


    1. (of a person) extremely dependable

      the go-to guy in the team

    2. (of a place) popularly visited

      go-to destinations

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Word History and Origins

Origin of go-to1

First recorded in 1980–85

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Example Sentences

At the same time YouTube was replacing MTV as the go-to place for music videos.

Giving out go-to-reeferville free cards is not exactly their M.O.

But is bug protein really any better than traditional protein sources, like chicken, or your go-to protein powder?

In the dress rehearsal, I almost got some real proper, go-to-the-hospital burns.

India was once considered the go-to spot for commercial surrogacy, but Thailand is the emerging market, so to speak.

But you know that you must go to-night to Fontainebleau, where the king will hunt to-morrow and the day after.

All right, we will go to-night to a very swell place where I am well known.

"I am uncertain how far I shall go to-night," said Julian, willingly misunderstanding the purport of the reply.

"I go to-morrow," she placed a bunch of amber roses she was carrying in my hand.

Go-to-kw-ph-ah, He who Stands by Himself; a brave of distinction, with his hatchet in his hand.


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