go west

Die, as in He declared he wasn't ready to go west just yet. This expression has been ascribed to a Native American legend that a dying man goes to meet the setting sun. However, it was first recorded in a poem of the early 1300s: “Women and many a willful man, As wind and water have gone west.”

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How to use go west in a sentence

  • It had been his intention before arriving there, to arraign his wife again for having let Orlean go west in the beginning.

    The Homesteader | Oscar Micheaux
  • You know—or maybe you didn't know—but the Missionary Society have been packing a barrel to go west.

    The Sunbridge Girls at Six Star Ranch | Eleanor H. (Eleanor Hodgman) Porter
  • The failure to find a firm to stand sponsor for his book discouraged Whitman to the extent of planning to go west and pioneer.

  • If—if I should "go west" I want you to write her and tell her that my last thoughts were of my country and—her.

    A Parody Outline of History | Donald Ogden Stewart
  • When you leave school, you may go west and search for your mine, for it certainly belongs to you now.

    Frank Merriwell's Chums | Burt L. Standish