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go wrong

  1. Fail to work properly, as in The car starts fine, but as soon as you put it in gear, the transmission goes wrong . [Late 1800s]

  2. Take to evil ways, become a criminal, as in As soon as he turned thirteen, Billy fell in with a gang and began to go wrong . [c. 1500]

  3. Go astray, make a mistake. For example, We made a left turn and somehow went wrong from then on , or You won't go wrong if you follow the directions in the dress pattern . [c. 1300]

  4. Fail, turn out badly, as in Everything about this party has gone wrong . [Late 1500s]

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Example Sentences

We can give Blake just a few minutes between the two, then have things go wrong.

Homophobes, conservatives, and liberals alike all tend to blame ‘the Other’ when things go wrong.

There are many ways that what started in Syria Monday night can go wrong.

Prime real estate on the Mall, a world-famous architect—what could go wrong?

You can never go wrong betting on the kids being smarter than everybody gives them credit for.

To see a part of my scheme, from which I had hoped so much, go wrong before my eyes is maddening!

A groom is a chap, that a gentleman keeps to clean his 'osses, and be blown up, when things go wrong.

If things go wrong, each man make for his horse, and get away the best he can.

One is to let me know if things go wrong, and the other isn't quite so important, but it will please me a lot.

There are some men who turn a deaf ear to reason and good advice, and wilfully go wrong for fear of being controlled.


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