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go away


  1. intr, adverb to leave, as when starting from home on holiday

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Idioms and Phrases

Depart, leave a place, travel somewhere. For example, They went away this morning , or Are you going away this winter? This expression also can be used as an imperative ordering someone to leave: Go away! It can also be used figuratively to mean “disappear,” as in This fever just doesn't go away . [c. 1200]

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Example Sentences

And now to this list of New York pols who refuse to go away, it may be possible to add another name: Vito Fossella.

We can go away tomorrow, and the environment will forget about our existence.

“Go away, you have your own clothes,” she laughingly recalls telling him, as he tried to buy some pieces at an early launch.

I just wanted to work, and thought it was a fad that would go away.

“In a perfect world, we snap our fingers and our problems go away,” Colter says.

It was like his beautiful courtesy to call me in and introduce me to Blow instead of letting me go away.

Up jumped Nquing from his burrow in the spinifex and shouted, "Go away!"

If I felt that I could leave her in your charge, all on the square, as a real straight pal—I should go away happy.

This time it was she who was begging him to go away and leave her, and he was forced to comfort her all through the night.

When we get through the pigs the rest of the pig-men will go away, and the cow-men show us their cows.


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