[goh-dev-uh l]


a flexible, jointed apparatus forced through a pipeline to free it from obstructions.
a dart dropped into a well, especially an oil well, to explode a charge of dynamite or nitroglycerin previously placed in a desired position.
Railroads. a handcar.
a sled used to drag or carry logs, stone, etc.
Also called sled cultivator. a cultivator that rides on wooden runners and is used on listed furrows.
Western U.S. any exceptionally fast or effective machine or appliance: That food processor is a real go-devil.

Origin of go-devil

An Americanism dating back to 1825–35
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Historical Examples of go-devil

  • Just find a good place where you can see her when she shoots, and I'll drop the go-devil.

  • Generally get some visiting lady, when there's one round, to drop the Go-devil.

  • Maybe you're broke and know you'll have to work like a go-devil when you get here!


    Ella Higginson

  • The "go-devil," shown in Fig. 14, is another common device for collecting prunings.

  • At night the Monarch was released from the “go-devil” and secured only by his chains to a large tree.

    True Bear Stories

    Joaquin Miller