go for

verb(intr, preposition)
  1. to go somewhere in order to have or fetch: he went for a drink; shall I go for a doctor?

  2. to seek to obtain: I'd go for that job if I were you

  1. to apply to: what I told him goes for you too

  2. to prefer or choose; like: I really go for that new idea of yours

  3. to be to the advantage of: you'll have great things going for you in the New Year

  4. to make a physical or verbal attack on

  5. to be considered to be of a stated importance or value: his twenty years went for nothing when he was made redundant

  6. go for it informal to make the maximum effort to achieve a particular goal

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go for

Go in order to get, as in I'll go for the paper, or He went for the doctor. This usage, dating from the late 1500s, gave rise to the 20th-century noun gofer, a person who is habitually sent on routine errands.

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