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go over


  1. to be received in a specified manner

    the concert went over very well

  2. Alsogo through preposition to examine and revise as necessary

    he went over the accounts

  3. Alsogo through preposition to clean

    she went over the room before her mother came

  4. preposition to check and repair

    can you go over my car please?

  5. Alsogo through preposition to rehearse

    I'll go over my lines before the play

  6. adverbfoll byto
    1. to change (to a different practice or system)

      will Britain ever go over to driving on the right?

    2. to change one's allegiances
  7. slang.
    preposition to do physical violence to

    they went over him with an iron bar

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Example Sentences

But by and large I go over the same things for every developmental stage.

Last month, Charles convened a meeting for NYC members specifically to go over Ebola precautions.

Boyd glumly told him to go over to makeup, which was housed in a little cabin across the road.

Told by a black man, the chainsaw joke would go over perfectly well as witty nonsense, for example.

In the book, Lewis details the lengths HFTs and banks will go over fiber-optic cables.

Edwin Clayhanger invited me to go over the printing-works at half-past six, and it's twenty-five minutes to seven now.

Their patroles of horse, and ours, frequently go over the same ground.

I wish you could go over the place, Tessa; you were never even through the grounds, were you?

And Ismahel the son of Nathanias took them, and he departed, to go over to the children of Ammon.

And the clouds, when God commandeth them to go over the whole world, do that which is commanded them.





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